Primary Care

Enable the Life
You’ve Planned

What is Pear’d?

Pear’d is the network of Primary Care Clinics who understand that Primary Care Physicians and preventative medicine are the most critical elements enabling good health.

At Pear’d we are here to protect you from the runaway costs of American Healthcare.

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  • No co-pay
  • No deductible
  • No coninsurance
  • Unlimited visits
  • One-on-one preventative, primary, & chronic care
  • Referrals to trusted specialists
  • Continuous focus to prevent illnesses.
  • A long-term partnership with your doctor


  • No additional costs to employees for medical visits
  • Same day appointments
  • No yearly cost increases
  • Workers comp benefit coordination
  • Improve employee retention with a true ‘first dollar’ benefit that truly benefits employees
  • Six locations in Atlanta with more coming

“No other doctor has ever taken the time to layout a road map of initiatives ensuring my healthy future. For the first time in 50 years , I have a plan ensuring I’ll be able to do, all I’ve been planning to do.”

~ Charlie Jordan, Pear’d Patient

Primary Care Physicians benefits:

Primary Care Physicians in the Pear’d Network overwhelmingly believe insurance-driven healthcare is responsible for today’s lack of authentic, human-driven relationships between a patient and his/her doctor.

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Pear'd sign outside on a building

By supporting Primary Care Physicians in an unprecedented way, Pear’d is enabling them to concentrate on what they do best; prevent illnesses and enable their patients live the life they’ve planned.

Are you a
Primary Care Physician?

Join the ever growing
Pear’d network today.

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Primary Care Physicians in the Pear’d Network
are offering patients the chance to at long last, develop a long and sincere partnership with their doctor; one rooted in mutual trust, invaluable historical data and in the drive to practice preventative care.
After all, wouldn’t you love to be able to do, all you’ve planned to do?