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You can be part of the Pear’d Network in less than 60 days. Our team will help to transition & grow your practice while strengthening your goals as you enable every one of your patients to start living the life they’ve planned.

Pear’d will deeply support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in these time-consuming, 6 operational areas below.

The Pear’d Advantages
Enabling The Life You’ve Planned

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One Incomparable & Invaluable Tech Benefit

A service-enhancing benefit Pear’d will offer your clinic is Pear’d Brain, our Artificial Intelligence powered, risk mitigation platform built for the challenges and needs of Primary care physicians.

It performs as a “Healthcare GPS”, continuously processing billions of data elements to provide valuable, real-time insights that proactively mitigate endless combinations of clinical, long term risks.  Simply put, it is an invaluable tool helping you enable your patients to begin to live the life they’ve planned.

When you join the Pear’d Network, you’ll have more time to continue creating the positive impact you are having across all the families in the neighborhoods you serve…including your own.

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Discover today why so many Primary Care Physicians across the country are joining the Pear’d Network.